Ezdoss App Details

EZdoss App  Functionality :

# 1 : Run EZdoss App on Amazon Fire-stick’s Apps. Enter Your Registration Number, Email/User Name, Screen No and click on Sign in button.

# 2 : Your Signage Screen will be visible like below (as example).

That all for visibility for your signage application. 

More Information as follows :

# [Reload Profile] : Press Menu button on Amazon Fire Stick Remote. A menu list will be visible as follows. Select “Reload Profile” from menu list. Your Signage Screen will be reload.

# [Effect Profile] : To display different effects over your Signage Screen, select “Effects Profile” item from menu list by Amazon Firestick Remote.

  • A popup window will be visible. Enter any digit of  “effect profile” and press next button. Your selected effect will be activated. 

# [Template Preview] : To preview different types of Template, navigate to “Template Preview” item in Menu List and select.

  • Template Preview Entry Form will be popup and enter any digit to preview.

  • Enter any digit and click OK. 

# [Display Fullscreen] : Select “Display Fullscreen” item from menu list of Ezdoss App. Your signage content will be fullscreen.

# [Download Backup] : To download your profile backup, navigate to “Download Backup” item in Menu List and select.

  • A popup window will visible.

  • Enter profile number and click OK button. 

# [Clear All and Exit] : If you want to clear all previous data and exit Ezdoss app, please select “Clear All and Exit” from Menu List.

  • A popup window will visible like below. If you want to delete all data and exit then press “YES” and If you don’t want to exit then press “NO”

# [Exit] : If you want exit Ezdoss app without deleting any saved data, please select “Exit” from Menu List.

  • A popup window will visible like below. Press “YES” to exit and “NO” for cancel.

Thanks from Ezdoss Family !

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