User Manual

Lower County Property Management System


(1) Open Any Browser.

(2) Open your sofware URL.

(3) Click LogIn button from Menu to Login.

(4)  Enter your username and password

(5) Menu will be available for USER.


Now System is Ready to Use!

For User [Manager] Only :

(A) Work Order Entry:

(1) For entry new work order go [menu -> Work Order -> New Work Request].

(a) There will be a Entry Form to Create New Work Request.

(b) There will be a button to Create New Location or Site like below on Work Request Entry Form.

(2) To View Saved Work Request and its Status go [menu -> Work Order -> Work Request Manager].

(a) Work status field will be highlighted by different colors.
(b) On top of the table there will be General Search Button.

(c) Below of the table there will a Details Search for specific column search and Date range search.

(d) In action column there will be two button One for EDIT and other for DETAILS information page.

(e) By Clicking EDIT button a page of selected Request Number will be available for editing.
(f) On Clicking DETAIL button details information of this order will be available.

(g) In that Details Information page there will be a print button on top-right corner.

(B) Invoice Entry :

(1)  Create New Invoce by clicking on [menu -> Invoice -> Create Invoice ].

(2) A form will be available to Create Invoice as follows.

(3) After creating Invoice you can view a list of created invoice by clicking  [menu -> Invoice -> View Invoice].

(4) A list of Invoices will be appear as below:

(5) To Print Invoice click DETAILS button to view details and click print button on top-right corner of that page.


(C) Inventory Management :

(1) To view Material List of Save Items go [menu -> Inventory Management -> Material List ].

(a) In that page there will be a Print Button to print list of inventory on top-right corner.

(2) To Checkout From Inventory go [menu -> Inventory Management -> Checkout]

(3) To add new material to Inventory go [menu -> Inventory Management -> Material Entry]




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